Shree Shukla Gandaki Higher Secondary School - Ghachok

Shree Shukla Gandaki Higher Secondary School - Ghachok

Background: As part of our ongoing support for Vulture Conservation in Nepal, we firmly believe that in order to conserve nature, it’s important to support the very communities that live amongst it. by educating the local communities of the importance of vultures in our our ecosystem, we can encourage an better understanding of the roles they play and how their very existence directly helps the people and actually benefits their lives.

The Ghachowk Vulture Safe Zone or Vulture Restaurant is located in the village of Ghachok, a rural mid hill village situated at the gates of the Annapurna Conservation area and on the banks of the Seti River. The Ghachowk community kindly passed over a large section of their community for the vulture safe zone and feeding area and in doing so provided a vital opportunity whereby 7 of the 8 species of Nepals vultures are provided diclofenac free food. It’s the only vulture safe zone located in the mid hills and it’s success largely depends on the support from the Ghachok community.

The Parahawking Project have provided much needed funds for the local school, in the past year we have funded the construction of a new school library and supplied books and teacher training in association with Karma Flights. We are now entering the second phase of funding and support...