Limited Edition Prints of Kevin and Bob

Limited Edition Prints of Kevin and Bob

EXCLUSIVE OFFER! - Limited Edition Prints of Kevin and Bob


  • Price: €30 per print
  • Own a superb Limited Edition Print of Kevin and Bob by acclaimed wildlife artist Esther Tyson
  • Support our Vulture Conservation projects in Nepal - 10% of proceeds will go to the Gachowk Vulture Restaurant

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Kevin and Bob
For those of you lucky enough to have shared the sky with Kevin and Bob, our two iconic and beloved Egyptian Vultures, you will truly appreciate the impact that they had on our lives and on the many people that flew with them. Whether they helped you overcome a fear of flying or opened your eyes to the plight of Asia’s vultures, Kevin and Bob were true ambassadors for flying and vultures the world over. The memories of Kevin and Bob gliding effortlessly through the sky, guiding us to thermals and then returning to land on your arm during the flight will surely last a lifetime. The pictures and movie of your experience will serve as a memento of an incredible experience and a happier time for Kevin and Bob.

Our Story
If you have been following our story over the last year, you’ll know that after 16 years the Parahawking Project in Nepal was closed down and Kevin and Bob were confiscated by the Nepali Government. Kevin & Bob were placed in a makeshift “rescue” facility where they are being kept in cages with no chance of exercise. We are not sure of their future prospects, there is very little information coming out of Nepal about what plans they have for them. All we do know is that there is nothing we can do to help them which is heart breaking as you can imagine. We decided to leave Nepal as the situation was becoming quite difficult for us. We're now in the process of establishing a new parahawking project in Europe. Launching a new Parahawking project from complete scratch is not easy or cheap and since we left Nepal with pretty much nothing but our bags, we've been exploring ways to raise the funds to get our new project off the ground. 

The Paintings
IMG 6667 loA few years ago, an award winning and critically acclaimed wildlife artist Esther Tyson come to visit us in Nepal where she sat with Kevin and Bob and sketched a number of portraits and studies for her collection. Out of her sketches emerged two amazing paintings which perfectly capture the essence of Kevin and Bob’s characters and personalities.

Esther kindly donated the paintings to us to either keep for ourselves or auction to raise funds for our Vulture Conservation projects in Nepal. The auction failed to raise a satisfactory sum so we decide to keep them as we felt they would hold more value down the line, how right we were. I packed the paintings away in a safe place to preserve them from the effects of the high humidity in Nepal then forgot where I put them.

I was delighted when I rediscovered them as we were packing up to leave Nepal. They are now framed and take pride of place in our living room, a lovely reminder of great times in Nepal and of two amazing ambassadors for vultures.

I have now received the kind permission from Esther to produce and sell a number of limited edition prints to raise some funds for our new project. In keeping with the spirit in which they were produced and donated and of course Esther's incredible generosity, we will donate 10% of all net revenue to the Gachowk Vulture Restaurant in Nepal, a project which is still very close to our hearts and one which is suffering from a lack of funds and possible closure since we, their main donor, were closed down in February.

Esther’s original paintings sell for several hundred dollars. This is a fantastic opportunity to not only own a limited edition print of some of Esther's work, they will also serve as a great memory of your parahawking experience with these two amazing ambassadors for vultures. And by purchasing one or both of these incredible pieces of art, you will once again be contributing to the ongoing vulture conservation effort in Nepal by the incredible and dedicated team at the Gachowk Vulture Restaurant.


DSC 0552 loThe Artist
Born in 1973, Esther Tyson was brought up in a small town at the edge of the Lake District, Cumbria. She currently lives and works in South Wales. Esther studied at Carlisle college of Art and Design, Carmarthenshire college of Technology and Art and then Londons Royal College of Art. Esther has exhibited widely in the UK and her work has also earned acclaim in London where she was short listed for the Prestigious Hunting Art Prizes earlier this year.

Esther is a painter whose work reflects her deep feeling for the natural world, without being sentimental. Painting from life, she seeks to capture the essence of her subject. Her painting is a response to the smell, sights and sounds. It emerges from her reactions, feelings and thoughts toward both her subject and the marks she makes.

Go to Esther' website to see more of her amazing work - www.esthertyson.co.uk


Developing a successful Parahawking Project takes time, dedication, a lot of patience and of course funds. Establishing a suitable location, building a centre and acquiring the birds that we'll eventually share the sky with are just some of the costs involved. Our new aviaries are taking shape and a fantastic new team of birds are currently in training. To get our project fully "off the ground" we need a little extra help from you.


  • Price: €30 + Shipping
  • We will produce 200 prints of each painting ONLY.
  • Each print is approx A4 size
  • They will be professional fine art Giclée prints on superb ECO FRIENDLY BAMBOO paper.
  • Each print will be numbered and stamped with the unique Parahawking Project stamp

*Shipping costs: +€5 Mainland UK, +€10 Europe, +€15 rest of the world



Purchase a set of limited edition prints of Kevin and Bob and you could win a FREE Parahawking Experience. We'll select a number at random from the total number of print sets we have sold. If the number on your prints matches the number selected, you win a voucher for a FREE Parahawking Experience + T-shirt. 

Terms & Conditions
Minimum number of total sales must be 100. The competition will run until the minimum number of sales is reached. The winning number will be chosen at randem. The winner will receive a free Parahawking Experience + T-shirt voucher. The voucher can be redeemed at anytime subject to availability and operating dates. All previous purchases are automatically entered into the draw.


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