Vulture Restaurant rebuilding

In May 2012, a massive avalanche crashed down from the Annapurna Mountains causing a devastating flood on the Seti River. The raging waters of the upper Seti swept through riverside settlements for nearly 30 km finally coming to rest all the way into Pokhara City.

Along the way, many people lost their lives, entire villages were destroyed and livestock was washed away.

One of the victims of this flood was the Ghawchok vulture Restaurant, the Vulture conservation project that Parahawking is a patron of. Much hard work, funds and dedication by the local community have gone onto developing this important vulture conservation project over the last few years. The Pokhara Valley is fortunate enough to still witness 8 of the 9 species of Nepal's vultures. When the region was declared a Diclofenac Free Zone back in 2009, it was vitally important that measures were put in place to protect the remaining birds and to safeguard their future. The Vulture Restaurant has proved to be an effective way to ensure that local vultures are feeding from safe Diclofenac free food in addition to allowing people to witness the birds feeding from a nearby viewing hide.

The flood caused extensive damage to the site where the Vulture Restaurant is located. Much of the access route to the feeding area and viewing hide was washed away (see picture) and the boundary wall was completely demolished. When a torrent of water from the Seti river broke it's banks and reclaimed the community forest land where the cows were grazing, approx 30 cows were also swept away. Fortunately the viewing hide was undamaged, as was the cow shed. 

The Ghachowk community who run the project have now begun the process of rebuilding and repairing but it's a costly exercise. As patrons of the project, Parahawking has pledged to contribute by helping fund the rebuilding of the boundary wall and repairing the access route. We have promised a contribution of 220,000 nrps (approx $2500 USD) over the next two months. The first installment of 100,000 nrps (approx $1200 USD) has already been handed over and work has begun in earnest.

Parahawking is dedicated to supporting the ongoing vulture conservation effort in Nepal but it is only possible because of the support we receive from our passengers. 1000 nrps (approx $12 USD) from every Parahawking Tandem Experience goes directly towards vital conservation projects such as this. Please keep flying with us so we can continue to help prevent the potential extinction of Nepal's majestic vultures. 

Thank you.



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