Parahawking VIP Package




Algodonales, Spain
October to May
Available to:
Anyone (Age and weight restrictions may apply)


The Ultimate Bird of Prey Adventure
The Parahawking VIP Package is exactly what is says on the tin. It's everything we do all rolled into one amazing day making you a Parahawking VIP. We start the day with a complimentary tea of coffee over a Meet and Greet with our birds and team. You'll then take part in our Bird of Prey Experience, this is a 2-3 hour session where you will learn more about the special handling and training techniques. You'll also get to fly our birds at one of our local flying sites.

After lunch we'll then head up to the paragliding launch site for your Parahawking Tandem Experience. After a short briefing on safety and how to feed the birds in the air, we take to the skies with one of our trained birds. They will soar with us and lead us to the best thermals then return to land on your arm for a small piece of food, mid flight! This experience provides a unique perpective of birds of prey in their own natural environment, a once in a lifetime experience and only possible in Spain. 

On landing, you will be given a brief presentation on the plight of Vultures across the globe and how The Parahawking Project is contributing to the vulture conservation effort. We'll then sit and look at your amazing photos and video of your flight and upload your GPS track log to a special 3D visualisation program so you can relive your flight over and over again, you can see an example here: -

Don't forget to tell your friends and travel companions of your new Parahawking VIP status.


So whats included in a Parahawking VIP Package?

  • Meet and Greet the birds
  • Bird of Prey Experience
  • Parahawking Experience
  • Photos and Movie of your flight
  • FREE Parahawking T-Shirt
  • FREE GPS Tracklog of the birds flight
  • FREE Leather Parahawking Bracelet or Keyring
  • FREE Lunch


PLEASE NOTE: We can only do a limited number of Parahawking VIP Packages per day. Please book in advance to secure a place.